This is a customized service with appointments at great stores & boutiques with my favorite salespeople.

I pre-shop, pull great pieces and set everything up so all you have to do is try wonderful options on. 

I can even shop without you...  

Personal Shopping
Wardrobe Styling

I create and polish your complete look - from clothes, to shoes, to accessories.

For photos, music videos, web series or any special occasion... 

I also consult on hair & makeup and refer you to my many talented colleagues.

Closet Consult

Most people wear 25% of their wardrobes 75% of the time.

What would it be like to actually wear everything you own?

I help you shop in your closet, purge and make room for wonderful new clothing.

Wardrobe Services for both Men & Women

Hello!  I'm Antonia Russo - and welcome to an opportunity to find your personal style and change your life. 


Image is everything and my clients have amazing results when I help them discover their own distinctive look.  Wardrobe & style consulting is not just for celebrities anymore.  Everyone needs image consulting in this online profile-laden age we are living in. 


All of my clients start with a consultation: phone, skype, or in person - whatever works best.  I offer three basic services: Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Styling, and an In-home Closet Consult (detailed below).  My clientele is diverse and so are their needs, but one thing is for sure...


I help people PERFORM - in business, in life and on the stage.


So call me for your FREE consultation today - my contact information is at the bottom of this page.


Thank you for visiting my website!  I look forward to working with you to feel great inside and out once you have the image you’ve always wanted to see!

Love what you buy - Love what you wear - Love EVERYTHING you own