Kendra Cunningham, Comic

"I wish I could hire Antonia everyday!"

"Antonia's 'shopping in your closet' consult allowed me to see what worked and what absolutely did not and WHY.  We paired items in ways I had  never considered and donated the rest."

Mark Boyland, Real Estate Professional

Antonia Russo is a Personal Shopper & Wardrobe Stylist out to change the world - one outfit at a time.  With over ten years' experience, her forte is working with performers, styling many artists for film and the stage.  Antonia's clientele also includes many "real" people - from attorneys & real estate professionals to life coaches & stay at home moms.


Antonia helps clients find their true style identity - both personally & professionally - and use it to enhance their lives.  Applying skills from her Master's in Somatic (Body Centered) Psychology and unique background in performance, sales and coaching, no one does what Antonia does quite like Antonia.


A proud native New Yorker, passionate film aficionado & patron of the arts, Antonia joyfully lives and works in New York City.


Suzanne Barbetta, Actor


"Antonia made every moment of the shopping experience fun. I was impressed that she not only cared about my time and had everything picked out before we met, she also had a great selection of clothes for my body type and the audience I would be presenting to. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for my image."

"I now have an understanding of what colors and fits work well for my me and my personal expression! So if you are ready to be out with the old and in with the new.... go to Antonia!"

Rachel Cora Wood, Actor